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How Frequently Should You Replace Your Furniture?

When you purchase furniture pieces from home furniture stores online, there is a need to replace them when required. So, when it comes to products for your home, furniture is one of the biggest investments you can make. 

Wide variety of pieces from sofas and sectionals to dining room tables. The proper time you should expect to replace your furnishing pieces with something new. Before you visit your favourite store, you can learn more about them. 

Also, you get the idea about the time they should last. They must last before you need to shell out the cash for a replacement.

Areas To Replace Your Furniture

Dining Room Furniture

It is no surprise that you may need to replace your furnishing pieces in the dining room more often. Similar to the holidays, casual chats, and family meals in some other parts of your home. 

However, most high-quality dining room items like dining tables should last for several years. If you take good care of the table by covering it with a tablecloth, it can last longer.

Solid wood tables will be much more durable and long-lasting than those made of engineered wood or other lighter materials. In addition, you can protect your table and clean it often to keep it looking new.

As for the single occasional chairs in your home, they can last for several years. Suppose they are not upholstered since no fabric or leather can become worn out. However, if you notice that your chair has a shaky leg or feels unstable, it is time to replace it. Instead, examine them in this room closely to look for signs of damage. Because some of it can be repaired easily and quickly. 

In addition, you can look at the following signs if you are thinking of a replacement.

  • When the tabletop is damaged, broken or poorly cracked.
  • If the dining chairs have become unsteady.
  • When the backrest of the chairs has become loose or unstable.

Living Room Furniture

The living room is considered the hub of the home. It is no secret that you may have to replace furnishing pieces in this space every few years. Sofas, sectionals, and corner lounge suites that feel worn out and are no longer comfortable need to be replaced.

Suppose it feels like you are sinking into your sofa.  In addition, you may think that it is no longer providing you with the support you require. So, you can consider this as the time to move on. 

Any seating like accent chairs, sectionals, or glass coffee tables with a broken frame should be replaced quickly. Not only is this item no longer comfortable, but it is also potentially dangerous.  

For example, the average sofa can last roughly between seven and fifteen years. But, that is only if you purchase something high-quality from home furniture stores and take good care of it.

Do not allow your children to jump on the sofa and keep the upholstery clean to help it last longer. However, creaky sounds or uneven living room pieces need to be replaced instantly.

Instead, look for the following signs for replacing your living room furnishing items.

  • When the sofa seat is sinking or has flattened out so much that it is uncomfortable to sit on it.
  • Chairs and benches that have broken legs or are unstable.

Bedroom Furniture

A solid and sturdy bed should not need to be replaced for many years. However, if your bed is suddenly creaking or you notice splintered wood or other signs of visible damage. So, you can consider this as the time to replace your furnishing pieces in this room. 

The last thing you want is to go to bed and end up falling to the floor. Moreover, check your bed frame regularly to ensure that it is tight and in good condition.

Dressers can last for many long years. But, if the drawers are operating in good condition. It means they are still opening and closing smoothly. If your dresser drawers are suddenly getting stuck. 

Sometimes, if some drawers are broken, you may replace them with new ones. This rule also applies to mattress and base sets, dressers, cabinets, bedroom pedestals, latex pillows, Persian rugs, armoires, and more.

Overall, your bedroom pieces should look great and also be functional when you buy them. Here, you should look at the following signs for bedroom furnishing items replacement.

  • When your wardrobes seem to be wrapped.
  • If the alignment of the doors of your wardrobe has changed and you cannot close it.
  • When you see your side tables are damaged or look broken.

Home Office Furniture

The durability of this type of furnishing item largely depends on whether or not you use it full time. Instead, if you work from home all week long. So, you need to replace your desk and chair sooner if you only use them on occasion.

Once your desk chair starts to feel stiff and uncomfortable, you should consider replacing it quickly. If they do not give you the support you require can result in a painful back or neck.

Office desks can last for a decade or more if they are made of high-quality materials. However, an unstable desk or one with a broken drawer should be replaced. But, if it is in good condition, you can continue to use it when it serves its purpose. 

Indeed, look for the below signs if you are thinking of home office furnishing items replacement.

  • When the wheels of your ergonomic chair are broken.
  • If your work desk is much smaller for your requirements.
  • When your work table does not have enough storage space.


Here, we have listed out the furnishing items replacement conditions. Instead, you can also find out the signs in your pieces for replacing them with new ones. However, it can be valuable to those planning to buy new furnishing items for their home.

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